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First select your furry friend from our available puppies on this page by clicking the button in the picture of the one you want!



Let's Chat!  Once you select a puppy, answer just a few questions and submit your request to me.  I'll respond in order of receipt at my first available opportunity.   (EST.)



Congratulations!  At this point, you've selected your new furry friend, and we've determined together it's going to be a wonderful fit for the both of you!  A deposit will be required to reserve your puppy and begin the adoption process.



You are now mere moments away from taking home your new companion!  At this time, all preparations have been made and we schedule a time and location for settlement (remote options available) and make the delivery arrangements!!  Your new journey begins!  


S  O  L  D

Meet the National Just Because Day Litter

D.O.B. August 27, 2022

Our little "just becaus'ers":  Chewie, Red, and Stormy!

(All names are merely "nicknames".  These names are used only for listing purposes...but we do put thought into them!)


Born on a day with no real significance, that now has significance!  National just because day, became the birthday of these darling little boys!  They're smart, cuddly, cute and ready to go!  There are only 3 left, so get them while they last!


These puppies are available for your homes now! 

(Up to date on all vaccinations and deworming at time of sale)


"The Fox of the Litter"

Bid hello to Red.  With his auburn coat and lemon-lime eyes, this young man is as gorgeous and clever as they come!  He's 29 weeks old like his brother Chewie, and he's just as warm and cuddly!  He comes fully vaccinated, he's been crate training, and he's another one who won't need as much all day attention for as long as the newborns.  Which means you can get to the things you have always wanted to do!  Like teaching him how to run with your pack!  If you're looking for a smart, and fun loving little boy, who's still very much a puppy, look no further!


"The Lovable Wookie"

To me, this guy looks and seems like the smart and loyal friend of Star Wars infamy.  At about 29 weeks old, he's as clever as he is cuddly.  One of the nice things about puppies at this stage, is that they come fully vaccinated and they are more self sufficient.  They don't need as much round the clock attention as a newer puppy needs, and you'll spend less time and money on them in all.  They acclimate faster to their new environments and they are typically easier to train up.  This one comes crate trained and ready for his new forever home!

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