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First select your furry friend from our available puppies on this page by clicking the button in the picture of the one you want!



Let's Chat!  Once you select a puppy, answer just a few questions and submit your request to me.  I'll respond in order of receipt at my first available opportunity.   (EST.)



Congratulations!  At this point, you've selected your new furry friend, and we've determined together it's going to be a wonderful fit for the both of you!  A deposit will be required to reserve your puppy and begin the adoption process.



You are now mere moments away from taking home your new companion!  At this time, all preparations have been made and we schedule a time and location for settlement (remote options available) and make the delivery arrangements!!  Your new journey begins!  

Meet the "Ratification Day" litter

D.O.B. January 14, 2023

Our tiny patriots:  Benji, Sam, Jackson, and Paris!


Born on the same day that marks the ratification of the Treaty of Paris, January 14, 1784.  The act that officially ended the American Revolution at the Maryland state house in Annapolis, Maryland by the Continental Congress.


These puppies will be available for your homes after March 11, 2023! 

(Up to date on all vaccinations and deworming at time of sale)


"The lady of the litter"

It's ladies first, all the way with this little princess.  And she's just as beautiful as the fabled French city.  Although her gorgeous "roan" colored coat seems designer, she maintains it's her natural color, but a lady never tells!  In any case, she's ready to take on the world with you!  While she likes to be pampered and loves to cuddle, she'll also play a little harder than you might think.  After all, she grew up with 3 brothers!


"A curious little boy"

This curious little fellow is Benji.  Even during this photo shoot, while the others were passed out under mom after nursing close by, this gentleman just wanted to explore!  He checked out every inch of this faux fur carpet before finally posing for this pic!  His coat is known as "parti color".  Although not for his love of gatherings!  It means "part white--Part red/brown/black/etc".  He's a mover and a shaker.  But when it's time to call it a day, save a spot in your lap for one likely very tuckered out little guy!


"The soul of this litter"

This dark chocolate morsel is a nuzzler!  Meet Sam.  To see what I mean, just look in the first photo at the top of the page.  You almost don't even notice him nuzzling underneath the breadth of Benji.  This gentleman likes it cozy!   He's by far "the soul of the litter".  He's only a few shades darker than his brother, but one little nuzzle out of this guy, and he'll take you directly to your "inner child".  This little guy is a great choice for someone who is looking to make good choices.


"Something special..."

Say hello to Jackson.  He's got a milk chocolate coat, seen here taken at sunset.  But you'll be the only one melting, I'm afraid, because he is just precious!  If this dog ever finds his way into the halloween candy, you may just mistake his nose for an unwrapped Hershey Kiss!  Cockapoos are known for high intelligence and Jackson is no exception!  This guy is as handsome as he is smart!  If you've got a consistent regimen and commitment to training, any of these dogs can do anything you train them to do.  But this guy's got something special about him--a hidden potential, if you will.  Is it me, or do you see it too?  I feel the right companion may just unlock an ability that nobody has ever seen yet out of a cockapoo.  If you open your schedule and your heart, this guy will fit right into both and start showing you the fun and cuddly parts of life, that you didn't even realize you were missing!   

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