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Happy Customers

Sherri has been absolutely wonderful to work with. She is great about communicating and providing information about the puppies. We purchased a puppy from her & have 4 other friends we have sent her way as well. I would highly recommend her puppies to anyone who is in the market for a cockapoo. They’re seriously the most affectionate and loving companions I’ve ever had.

Chelsea B

Puppy on hold I was so beyond impressed and am so happy... The seller so far has re-assured me, and my deposit for Bitsy. Although on-line shopping is scamful at times. My meeting was very reassuring, I was not being scammed... and I’m counting the days till I get to hug my new puppy.

Stacy A

A wonderful family member We purchased a chocolate cockapoo from this seller last Christmas. Since we lived 2 1/2 hours away, she made it convenient by meeting us an hour from our home. She talked with me at length about her puppies and shared a lot of valuable info about the breed and the puppies' parents. She sent pics and communicated well with us during the wait for our puppy adoption.She brought a care package and a folder of info to the exchange. He has been the sweetest puppy we have ever owned and loves each family member equally. He makes sure to spend time with each of us and is very cuddly. He has attended 2 puppy classes and is smart and learns quickly. Easily potty trained and had no accidents at all by 6 months and was able to be left without restrictions in our family room and kitchen by 8 months(puppy proofed of course). Started sleeping through the night at a young age. We love our dog and wouldn't hesitate to buy again from this breeder.




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