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All About Me

Hi.  Like anyone else,  I would rather talk about something else than myself.  I do want you to know that I am always available for questions, before and after you purchase a puppy from me.  l'm married, have 3 children and six grandchildren.  I graduated college with an RN  and Paralegal  degrees.  I also became a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.  In addition, I have been a reporter, taught Childbirth Education classes prior to them being in hospitals for 7 years  and STNA classes at a local college.  I'm an avid reader  and writer and enjoy a large variety of topics.  And I adore Cockapoos.  Our first was Tippy.

Tippy was 3 months old when he became part of our family. And we all fell in love with him. I'm not sure who grew up with who. I think he taught us as much as we taught him in the 17 years before he crossed over the rainbow bridge.  And our house needed another one.  So I studied and learned about breeding cockapoos  so others could enjoy their own "Tippy".  In the beginning, I started  with two well bred F1 cockapoo puppies., Angel and Tippy2.  And never looked back. I am a well educated  and professional Breeder of  Cockapoos.  My goal as a breeder is to breed quality cockapoos that is recognized as a Breed.





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